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Publish Your Store

With Quick Shopping Cart® you can design, build, publish, and manage your store online; all you need is an Internet connection and Web browser.

While your specific computer hardware and the type of Internet connection you use play a big role in how fast or slow any Web application works, Quick Shopping Cart can be used on virtually any system and regardless of the type of Internet connection you use; whether dial-up, DSL, or high-speed Internet.

Browser Requirements

To use the Quick Shopping Cart to build your store, please ensure you are using one of the following Web browsers:

For best results, set your monitor's resolution to 1024 x 768.

Customers will be able to view your storefront at 800 x 600 resolution using any Web browser, including:

Supported Payment Gateways

The Quick Shopping Cart application supports the following payment gateways for processing credit card transactions:

Other Requirements

To accept credit cards, whether online through a payment gateway or offline through your point of sale (POS) terminal, your storefront must be protected by a 128-bit SSL certificate.

To process credit cards online so that the money is deposited automatically into your bank account, you need an SSL Certificate for your online store, a payment gateway and a merchant account.

If you use PayPal for credit card and other payment processing, you are not required to have an SSL Certificate, payment gateway or merchant account.